What you need to know about the HPV vaccine

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It’s almost back to school time in Ireland and for many first year girls this means being offered the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

The vaccine has been subject to wide dispute due to numerous horror stories being shared online.

The HSE states that: “In Ireland 660,000 doses of Gardasil® have been administered and more than 200,000 girls have been fully vaccinated against HPV. All national and international regulatory bodies have stated HPV vaccines are safe.”

The World Health Organisation concluded in December 2015 that Gardasil continues to have an excellent safety profile. You may access their report HERE.

The EMA issued a report HERE.

On January 11, a Maynooth GP became the first doctor in Ireland to publicly comment on the “real risk of harm caused by the vaccine”. You may read his safety concerns HERE.

On January 17, an Irish Sunday Mirror article highlighted one doctor’s revelations about WHO internal emails on HPV vaccine safety. You may view the article HERE.

On January 22, the Health Products Regulatory Authority revealed 94 reports of suspected HPV vaccine adverse reactions. You may read their report HERE.

On the same day, Aine Cannon of Regret.ie was interviewed about the ‘HPV issue’ and their campaign for 229 girls identified with health problems they believe are related to this vaccine. You may listen to that interview HERE.

On March 22, Fiona Kirby gave her first radio interview after her HPV court case. You may listen to it below or HERE.

On April 7, NewsTalk conducted an interview with the family of Rebecca, 15, who is suffering serious longterm illness which she believes was triggered by the HPV Vaccine.

Also debating the issue is Dr Ann Hogan, vice president of the IMO, who is not convinced of a link.

You can listen below, or HERE.

In the US, mandatory vaccines are being introduced into some states.

Many children have been vaccine injured in the US and the National Vaccine Information Center has a database where you can search for other reports of side effects and illnesses caused by specific vaccines. You can access the database HERE.

In Ireland, the HPV vaccine is a choice. More information on the HPV Vaccine Gardasil is available HERE and HERE.

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